America’s Ultimate Martial Arts of Brooklyn, New York

America’s Ultimate Martial Arts Academy is a top-ranked, award-winning academy with a long history of student success.

Our students achieve great results in competitive environments such as tournaments and in LIFE!

The real difference-maker is that AUMA is not just a place where we count out punches and kicks, but where every student is treated like family. Many of our students consider the academy a home away from home. They make friends for life who challenge them to be their very best.

Early in the training process, each student gets to pick their second identity, a name which embodies who they want to become and teaches them that they are in charge of their destiny.

Our after school care program provides a structured environment that is safe, rewarding and fun. Students receive one-on-one help with homework, a nutritious snack and training in the martial arts.

Our adult programs are thorough, driven, and a great way to shake off the burdens of day-to-day life while getting healthy and confident.

America’s Ultimate Martial Arts is a family you’ll be proud to be apart of and a place unlike any other.